Elina Lundahl

That's me

2006 - Graduated from Lempäälä High School
2007/2013 - Bookbinder artisan (Tyrvää School of Arts and Crafts)
2015 - Specialist degree in bookbinding (Tyrvää School of Arts and Crafts)

Short courses in bookbinding and book art
2011    Letterpress printing by Raimo Rajala (FIN)
2011    Hand tooling with gold by Gianfranco Mombelli (SUI)
2012    Knife making by Ilari Mehtonen (FIN)
2012    Fine binding by Tiina Piisang (EST)
2012    Creative and visual process in book art by Mia Leijonstedt (UK)
2012    Calligraphy by Terhi Hursti (FIN)
2013    Industrial bookbinding, Jyväskylän ammattiopisto (FIN)
2013    Armenian and Carolingian binding by Adam Larsson (SWE)
2013    Book repair by Lester Capon (UK)
2013    Limp vellum binding by Lester Capon (UK)
2015    Fine binding and box by Lester Capon (UK)

Designer Bookbinders (associate)

Published in
500 Handmade Books Volume 2 (Lark Books, USA)

2013    Moraali, Vanhan Kirjallisuuden Päivät (Finland)
2013    Kätköistä Löytyneet, miniature book exhibition (Finland)
2013    Sheffield International Artist's Book Prize (UK)
2013/2014    Nordiske Bogbind (Nordic countries)
2014    Vanhan Kirjallisuuden Päivät (Finland)
2014    Kätköistä Löytyneet II, miniature book exhibition (Finland)
2015    Scripta Manent V (Estonia)
2015    CIBA, Cascais International Book Arts (Portugal)
2015    Vanhan Kirjallisuuden Päivät (Finland)
2016    Kätköistä Löytyneet VI, miniature book exhibition (Finland)

I believe in slow living, small pleasures and natural decay. I want my pieces to not only convey the quality and detail of professional craftsmanship but also tell something about my vision as a craftsman and an artist. I use organic and ecological materials, both new and recycled, to avoid cluttering the Earth with rubbish and to ensure that each book will serve its owner for many years to come. My work with artist books is an ongoing process of learning and experimenting. I like to combine traditional flat art and illustration with the book form in order to create sensuous, tactile objects with stories to tell.

Links: blog · online photostream · Facebook page. Email: herracaligari(x)veterok.net